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Keynote speaker at the 10-year anniversary of Silony Spine

7 October 2023, Frankfurt, Germany - On the occasion of the 2023 EuroSpine Congress, Dr. Sebastian Koga was invited to give the keynote address to international clinicians, distributors and collaborators ofSilony Medical GmbH, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany. Dr. presented a lecture titled "The Future of Spine Surgery". His case series of complex scoliosis and spinal trauma patients were shown, demonstrating the clinical applications of the Silony Verticale instrumentation, including its kyphosis correction system, and its multilocking pedicle screws.

Dr. Koga also attended the EuroSpine 2023 congress connecting with neurosurgery and orthopedics colleagues from various European centers, as well as exploring new spine technologies developed by European companies.


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