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Our superb staff are highly skilled in neuroscience and offer prompt, personalized care to each patient. 

K atherine
  A lleyne, PA-C

Katherine Alleyne is a Physician Assistant supporting Dr. Koga in the clinic and in the operating room. She was born in New Orleans and attended St. Mary’s Dominican High School. She graduated from the University of New Orleans and initially taught Biology and Chemistry at Benjamin Franklin High School. She subsequently trained as a Physician Assistant at LSU Health Shreveport obtaining a Master’s degree in 2012. After graduation she worked in Santa Barbara, California in a busy Hand Surgery Center gaining valuable microsurgical experience. Katherine moved back to the New Orleans area and worked at Ochsner Hand Surgery until 2017 when she transferred to Neurosurgery. She has been working with Dr. Koga since 2017 supporting him in the clinic, the operating room and on hospital rounds. 


Katherine is directly involved in every stage of patient care at Koga Neurosurgery. She has deep expertise in the field, excellent teaching skills, and constant communication with Dr. Koga on clinical decisions. Katherine is passionate about personal health its impact on perioperative and neurological health.


Rachel Englert, RN

Surgery Manager

Rachel coordinates all aspects of your planned surgery, including the written consents, scheduling, insurance authorizations, and any imaging studies and laboratory work-up required for surgery. She performs wound checks and provides advice with post-operative care.

Rachel has worked with Dr. Koga since 2016 and knows all the details of surgical preparation for the best outcomes.


Amanda Nelson, LPN

Clinic Manager

Amanda helps new patients integrate in the clinic, including coordinating the initial visit, obtaining previous medical records, clinic scheduling, referrals, and any imaging required for the clinic visit. She helps established patients maintain easy access to the clinic when needed.


Amanda has worked with Dr. Koga since 2014 and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of neurosurgical care.

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